Mitsubishi Expander 2017 variant

The leaked name of Mitsubishi Expander is still a question mark, is it true Mitsubishi Expander is the name of the latest production car from Mistubishi Motors Company from Japan this. But we will not discuss further about that which surely has been circulating the name of Mitsubishi Expander and its specifications and price, although not yet officially revealed until the end of 2017.

Well not only in terms of specification and price of some issues Variants Mitsubishi Expander 2017 also been pushed from some automated websites in Indonesia. Well what is the variant of the Mitsubishi Expander let us discuss below.

Reportedly Variants Mitsubishi Expander 2017 there are 6 variants with different specifications and prices. 6 The variant is a variant of 3 types of type GLX, GLS and Exceed. Each type has 2 variants so clop it with 6 variants that are distinguished from the manual or automatic transmission system as well as its specifications.Mitsubishi Expander 2017

We start from Mitsubishi Expander 2017 variant of GLX type. The first variant of GLX M / T will come with a closed-dop tin cans, headlamps and rear light bulbs but has standard fittings such as power windows in all four windows. More detail there is also a power mirror, rear wiper, immobilizer, dual SRS Airbaf and AC Double power at a price of $14k While variant GLX A / T more expensive $550 or about $15k which is distinguished from the transmission alone.

Then Mitsubishi Expander 2017 variant of GLS type. The first variant of GLS M / T which comes with alloy wheels with diameter 15 “, LED DRL, foglamp, brake with ABS, EBD and BA system. This variant is priced at $15k while the GLS A / T variant priced at $16k which comes with a steering switch control with A / T transmission.

While the latest variant of Mitsubishi Expander 2017 is Exceed type. Exceed type also has two variants. The first variant is Exceed M / T which reportedly will dibandrol denan $17k price that has the completeness of occupying such as 16-inch alloy wheels, Optitron speedometer with TFT LCD screen that can display the animation. This type and variant is also equipped with LED bar although the main light is still a regular bulb. More complete Exceed M / T has interior wood panel, full steering switch control, electrc retract mirror. As for the type of Exceed variant A / T or Exceed A / T comes as a class of the type and variant Mistsubishi Expander because it has a class specification wahid as well. Exceed A / T is priced at $19k with smartkey plus push start / stop button and also VSC and of course 4-speed automatic transmission.

That’s some 6 variants of Mitsubishi Expander 2017 from 3 types of Mitsubishi Expander GLX, GLS and Exceed. For more information and justify the issues that burst from the presence of this Mitsubishi Expander, do not forget to attend the event GIIAS 2017 which is planned in the title in Tanggerang and of course wait for the articles from us next.

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