Lukang Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is the biggest sanctuary in Lukang (Lugang), exceptionally esteemed as the Hall of Taiwanese Art and culture and the Treasure of Chinese Architecture. The class one notable site pulls in engineering specialists from everywhere throughout the world.

Being known as the primary Buddhist Temple in Taiwan, the sanctuary was developed amid the Ming Dynasty. A Buddhist priest from Wenling was flying out toward the South Sea Putuo Mountain with a statue of Guanyin made of stone. While he was crossing the ocean, his pontoon was hit by a tempest and floated to Lukang (Lugang). He started his Buddhist practice along the lanes and amid the year Yongli 7 of the Ming Dynasty, he assembled the Longshan Temple by the Lukang (Lugang) Port. It was said this was the start of Buddhist practice in Taiwan and Longshan Temple was the main Buddhist Temple in Taiwan. In year Qianlong 51 of the Qing Dynasty (1786), the old sanctuary were never again required and deserted. Not until the point when years after, a Buddhist priest in Quanzhou raised supports and got help from mechanical relationship keeping in mind the end goal to reconstruct another sanctuary structure at the present site in light of the old Wenling Longshan Temple.

Longshan Temple has dependably been a sanctuary which reveres the Guanyin as the God of Mercy. Neighborhood Taiwanese call it Guanyin Ma and consistently, on the nineteenth day of the second lunar month of the lunar timetable is the birthday Guanyin Ma where administrations and merriments are held in the sanctuary every year to commend the introduction of God of Mercy.  Get your ticket make your reservation in vanilla airlines booking now.

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