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Is Lipton Diet Green Tea Good for You: Weight Control Benefits

For those who are currently struggling to lose their weight, consuming green tea may help to boost your weight lost. Green tea has a lot of substances that can be beneficial to your body. Lipton, a leading brand of tea since 1893, provides several different kinds of diet and calorie-free green teas. However, it is important to understand further about these products as some can be more advantageous that the others. So, is Lipton Diet Green Tea good for you? In this article, we will try to review some of the products to answer the question.

Before we answer the “is Lipton Diet Green Tea good for you” question, we will explained about the association between weight and green tea. To lose your weight, you have to make the calorie balance negative, by either burning more calorie or reducing calorie intake. Based on a publication in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2013, catechins and caffeine in green tea promote your body’s capabilities to burn calories. Despite further research is still needed, it is safe to say that green tea can provide help to prevent weight gain and positive balance of calories.

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So, is Lipton Diet Green Tea good for you? Diet Mixed Berry Green Tea and Lipton Green Tea bags both contains no calorie, which is surely great for those who are in diet as it will not add any calorie intake. However, the Mixed Berry one contain artificial sweeteners, which are not exactly good for your health. The tea bags has approximately 50-150 mg of catechins in a serving, depending on which type you choose. To enjoy the full benefits of calorie-burning from catechins and caffeine, it is recommended to choose the tea bags products, despite both products have no calorie. You may add sugar, but make sure to control the calories.

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