Kelli giddish , Friends tell us a lot of celebrities are often do aperasi plastic surgery or plastic? He does the plastic surgery to beautify the face or other body parts. But not all plastic surgery was successful beautify the face or body, you know.
Actually Yunita also been discussed about plastic surgery in post Yunita ago. But this time Yunita want to post again, because Yunita want members to know friends who have plans to perform plastic surgery, plastic surgery was that the bad impact is enormous.

In South Korea, there was a girl named Hang Mioku, Beru girls
it was 28 years perform plastic surgery in Japan. Initially the operation which he did successfully, but the Hang Miouku back again perform plastic surgery because it is not satisfied with the results of the first plastic surgery. Because she was addicted to plastic surgery, until finally face before plastic surgery, ending with a scary face. But strangely, this girl has always considered that his face seems beautiful. In fact the girl’s face people see monster. As a result, doctors are unable to handle plastic surgery to many times for this girl. Doctors also believe that this girl was mentally deranged.

Selainitu, Hang Mioku conduct experiments on his own face. Hang Mioku learn from a beauty doctor about how to perform injections selikon. Finally Mioku too often inject selikon to face, instead of it being beautiful, that is her worse.
And that is not exhausted she thought again, this girl injecting cooking oil into her face. Even this girl’s parents initially did not believe that their beloved daughter to a changed face, but once they see for themselves. They just sad and feel sorry for their daughter.
Finally, parents Mioku bring Mioku for treatment, but the treatment is stopped because of costs that need very expensive. The road finally the parents of this poor girl, brought the girl to a psychiatrist for a mental examination.

Mioku’s face when she injected cooking oil

Well tuh kan …. How bahayanta operasai plastic. Even the plastic surgery bias makes us addicted to doing it again friends. If you already addicted later biased as Mioku know …
Yunita suggest do deh perform plastic surgery if it is not needed.
Plastic surgery is needed when we are indeed very necessary. Such as eliminating severe burns, tumor surgery, accidents or wounds.

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