7 Most Amazing Plastic Surgery

2017 was the year in which trends become the most widely pursued. Ranging from social media, gadget , to beauty. We did have entered the global era, where everything and trends can come and go easily.

One trend is booming in 2017, is a beauty trend of plastic surgery. Across the world, this year, there are many stories of plastic surgery are invited pros and cons. When discussed in terms of the pros and cons, it was clear there would be no end.

Everyone has a reason and his own way to be beautiful. Plastic Surgeryfor example. Not all plastic surgery causing a negative stigma. There are also some things that are not detrimental to the culprit. Well, so far this year, anybody yes the story of plastic surgery is so stunning in the world?

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1. Aegyo Sal, happiest Pouch Have Eyes.

Techniques add eye bags using the kind of tape that gives the impression of bags under the eyes. Unlike the original dark eye bags and looked tired, eye bags this one still making a fresh face. Sponge eye under the eye encouraged and made with special masking tape, so little prominent.

According to Miss 17 February, a beauty blogger Korea, eye bags this would make the face look younger, fresher, making the eyes look so much wide and shining.

Special masking tape to give the effect of eye bags was also named Aeygo Sal, contents of a piece of masking tape similar to the eye form a crease in the eyelid. Its use is quite easy and not difficult. To cover up and sweeten masking tape you can daub a little white eyeliner or eyeshadow to appear more natural.

Anyway, not satisfied by just using only duct tape. There are many people who get aegyo sal by surgery. Reportedly hell many Korean artists on this path in order to get the eye bags.

2. Barbie Girl Retro Anzhelika Kenova.

During this time we see Barbie Valeria Lukyanova as the most sensational girl. Valeria addition, there are a few other girls who had a doll’s face. But now it seems Valeria has a serious rival which have a face and a body that can be said is similar to Valeria.

Anzhelika Kenova arguably as one girl who’s obsessed with appearance as a Barbie girl. Women from Moscow is indeed perform plastic surgery like Valeria Lukyanovea. However, although he shrink waist and had plastic surgery, Anzhelika not experience extreme changes in body shape like Valeria.

Anzhelika waist circumference may be enough to make us feel claustrophobic. He lowered the size of the waist circumference until it reaches the size of 51 cm which included a very small size for the size of the foreign body.

Well, the more unique phenomenon of women who perform plastic surgery. Everyone has their own reasons for doing this operation, among them the sake of being similar to Barbie dolls. Regardless of the controversy plastic surgery more intense lately, Anzhelika arguably as Barbie girl with looks almost natural and beautiful.

3. As beautiful twin brother Korean idols.

In addition to conducting operations on their own initiative, in Korea there is a television program called ‘Lets Beauty’.Program to help those who have less attractive faces and having problems of low self confidence. Surely their intended clients are people who experience severe inferiority due to its appearance.

This time, they intend to give life changes on a pair of twin brothers. The second unnamed girl was sponsored to participate in plastic surgery program. They have a face that is often referred to by the type of shark.

Type this face to face in addition to the typical small-eyed oriental, also the shape chin too prominent and less good tooth structure. In addition, the asymmetric shape of the face and eyes of the medium, making them seem less attractive.

But in the hands of the experts, look at their faces after a plastic surgery. Hwallaaa … beautiful face, symmetrical, wide eyes, chin more beautiful and certainly always typical .. face that we often see in the type face idol in Korea. Face two girls who had been somewhat square became more rounded oval

4. Vanilla Chamu, Japanese women like dolls France.

Not many Asian faces impression left on the Japanese woman’s face on this one. Vanilla Chamu, which has recently become one of the characters in the virtual world sensational because porcelain doll-like beauty of France.

Having eyes are round and large, slender face and wavy golden hair, but of course we have guessed that all this would not have happened without the help of cosmetic and plastic surgery. That said, Vanilla spent about 10 million yen, or about one billion when dirupiahkan to fulfill his desire to be Stuffed French life.

Recognized by Vanilla, he started the realization of the obsession into a doll when she was 19 years old. Other operations after the other in the next year. He did reshuffle face eyelids, liposuction, eyelash implants, breast implants and more. Well, looks exhausting huh?

But what it does quite fruitless. Chamu Vanilla has become one of the model and a successful singer in Japan. In one stau television shows, Vanilla Chamu show its real face when he was 17 years old. Undoubtedly, you or maybe even Vanilla will be difficult to recognize his face then and now. Absolutely no resemblance to the left.

Not many people know exactly why Vanilla Chamu change his appearance. He just said he wanted to be like stuffed French, but many say that hl actually occurred because his background of lack of attention from their parents, often bullied and have a low self esteem.

5. Men Plastic Surgery Superman.

You must have been familiar with the character of Superman. A mighty man who uses a young costume with a stocky body and handsome face told as ordinary people in their daily lives.

But the characters are phenomenal in this era, making ordinary people like Herbert Chavez wants to be the real Superman. So head over crazy as this one superhero characters, making the man from Manila that conducted a series of plastic surgery to become Superman.

Herbert Chavez, began to perform plastic surgery since 1995 in order to get a change in shape of the face and the perfect body. He conducted an operation that made his chin seem split as Superman, he also had surgery to strengthen the shape of her nose. On the lips, Chavez silicone injection.

And what about the muscular body? Does Chavez exercise in the gym to get a muscular body ala Superman? Unfortunately, no. Chavez implanting implants in several parts of the body so that he get instant results as he wants. According to the psychiatrist, Chavez seems to have an addiction to change his body shape.

6. Justin Jedlica-man Ken.

In an exclusive interview conducted by The Sun, Justin Jedlica admitted that she had been obsessed to perform plastic surgery since the age of 14 years. “Like most girls who perform implants in the buttocks to look like Kim Kardashian or have full lips like Angelina Jolie, I tried to be the perfect man version, where I chose the form of Ken dolls,” said Justin.

Not easy to form a perfectly handsome face and athletic body like Ken. Justin had to incur huge costs for the sake of a perfect appearance. “Now, after spending money $ 100,000 (approximately USD 1 billion) for plastic surgery, I’ve become a plastic, such as those dolls (Ken).”

7. Olga Oleynik.

This lady named Olga Oleynik and 24 years old. Popular name is Olga ‘Dominica’ Oleynic. He became one of the phenomena of plastic surgery cases. Body shape and face resemble makeup Valeria Lukyanova. With the same blond hair, the same doll face anyway.

Differences owned by Olga Oleynik is the face of a more assertive and a more curvaceous body shape as well as sexy. It makes it seem more contained than Valeria. Since meeting with Valeria, both recognize that they have much in common from the model’s hair, makeup and clothes. Valeria and Olga often suspected as siblings by their friends.

According to Valeria, she and Olga are brothers. But only in the spiritual outlook and their confidence in the lifestyle and appearance. Both also make spiritual classes at a cost of £ 50, or about Rp 740 thousand per one session. With their unique appearance, they can invite more participants. Wow, there is interest to become participants in their spiritual?

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